Short term Rentals in Nerja

Would you like to rent an apartment in Nerja these holidays?

At Plaza Estates we have a complete list of apartments, villas and penthouses waiting for you. You can rent an apartment for days, weeks or fortnights.

Nerja is one of the treasures of the Costa del Sol. Far from the overcrowding suffered by areas such as Marbella or Torremolinos, Nerja presents itself as a paradise to be discovered by the visitor. Its quiet beaches, its forests, its essence of a fishing village still perceptible, all the flavours and smells of its gastronomy, the kindness and closeness of its people, make this pearl of the eastern Costa del Sol, one of the best places to spend a family holiday.

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Holiday rentals in Nerja

There is a wide range of possibilities when renting an apartment in Nerja, however, it is highly recommended to take into account several aspects before making a decision.

With the arrival of some applications such as airbnb, to cite just one example, it has made it much easier for the private public to access any type of property for rent. However, they are equally accessible to those who seek to take advantage of others and deceive naive tenants by offering properties that either do not exist or are not in a position to be rented out properly.

It is therefore vitally important to always make sure that what we are renting is really what is advertised, and unfortunately this is very difficult to confirm if we are hundreds of kilometres from the property in question.

Short term rentals in Nerja
Short term rentals in Nerja

For this reason, it is often more advantageous to have real estate professionals in charge:

  • Finding the apartment that suits your needs
  • Verify that the lease conditions are adequate
  • Carrying out the necessary legal formalities

In this way, you are guaranteed a quiet holiday without surprises, just as you had planned.

In Plaza Estates we are specialists in renting short stay apartments in Nerja (Málaga). We have a complete list of properties that will exceed all your expectations and make your holiday in Nerja, an unforgettable stay. We take care of all the formalities and we only offer you apartments verified and that guarantee your full satisfaction according to the comments and opinions of other tenants.

If you are thinking of renting an apartment in Nerja for a few days or weeks, contact us and we will inform you without obligation of all the possibilities you have at your fingertips.

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