Nerja: an Eden in the Axarquia region of Malaga

Nerja: tourism to the next level, plans to make the most of Nerja, what you should know and how to get it right with your property investment in Nerja.


Nerja brings together all the attractions that have made the Costa del Sol famous all over the world. Paradise beaches, good food, lush nature and a rich cultural heritage come together to provide a first-class tourist experience.

The undeniable appeal of this Malaga municipality makes it a safe value when buying real estate in the Axarquia. Not for nothing is it one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol. Would you like to know why it is so special?

Nerja: the art of taking tourism to the next level.

Nerja in 7 numbers

  1. The average annual temperature is 20 ºC and it rains very little (460 l/m2 per year), hence its suitability for sun and beach tourism, as well as for certain subtropical crops.
  2. This Malaga municipality is only 26 metres above sea level.
  3. Nerja is very close to the capital of Malaga: 67.7 km. Consequently, it takes barely 1 hour to reach the capital.
  4. With 13 km of coastline, the municipality of Nerja is home to more than a dozen beaches and coves.
  5. In 2018, this town in Malaga was the only Spanish destination included in the TripAdvisor world ranking, ranking fourth among its emerging destinations.
  6. This Axarquia municipality has a population of 21,144 inhabitants, a third of whom are of foreign origin (especially English).
  7. The population density of this town is 248.39 inhabitants/km2, so it has a medium-low overcrowding index.

One of the main tourist engines of Malaga.

From the 1960s onwards, this little piece of La Axarquía underwent considerable tourist development, becoming a reference point on the Costa del Sol. Since then, Nerja has not ceased to offer the best service to the Spanish and foreigners who visit it year after year.

If there is one thing that characterises this town in Malaga, it is its ability to preserve the charm of a fishing village without renouncing to a flourishing tourist development. Thus, this corner of Axarquia is one of the few places capable of combining tradition and modernity, becoming one of the best examples of the Andalusian white villages.

Playa Calahoda desde los Arcos del Balcón de Europa
Playas de Nerja

Like other neighbouring towns (such as Torrox and Frigiliana), the locality of Nerja is characterised by having a warm and mild climate. This makes it a highly appreciated territory by foreign citizens who wish to settle in our country to enjoy their retirement years. The same is true for those looking for business opportunities in Spain.

The care with which Nerja treats all its visitors can be seen in the constant improvement of its services and infrastructures. A good example of this is the excellent condition of its beaches throughout the year or its magnificent Parador (distinguished with the Loved by Guests Award 2021).

One of the favorite destinations of television producers.

Located on the easternmost slope of the Axarquia region of Malaga, Nerja is synonymous with idyllic holidays by the sea. In fact, this town was the setting for the filming of the legendary television series Verano Azul (1981). 

It is no secret that the natural beauty of this town has led it to be frequently chosen for filming all kinds of productions. In fact, in 2012 alone the town registered a dozen national and international filming.

Plans to enjoy Nerja to the full.

Nerja offers endless possibilities to enjoy life. Not in vain, it has more than enough capacity to satisfy all kinds of profiles and needs. From retirees who want peace and quiet to young families who want to make the most of the sun and the beach, everyone will find exactly what they are looking for here.

Beaches and more beaches.

  1. Burriana: this is the most popular beach in Nerja and has excellent facilities. It is ideal for water sports and to enjoy the varied gastronomic offer provided by its bars, restaurants, pubs and beach bars.

    Playa Burriana Nerja
    Playa Burriana Nerja
  2. Carabeillo: a very peaceful cove surrounded by lush vegetation. It is only accessible on foot and has few services, but it makes up for it with its undeniable character as an unexplored corner.
  3. El Chucho: a rocky beach between the ruins of the watchtower and the mouth of the Chíllar. The purity of its waters allows you to see octopus and fish while snorkelling.
  4. Carabeo: of small size and high occupancy, it has all kinds of amenities. The fact that it is flanked by cliffs protects it from the wind, which makes bathing in its waters particularly calm and pleasant.
  5. Carabeo: small in size and high occupancy, it has all kinds of facilities.
  6. El Chorrillo: made up of three small coves which are not very crowded. It has a rocky surface and crystalline waters ideal for diving.
  7. Calahonda: one of the most famous beaches in Nerja, as it is located just below the Balcón de Europa. It is a spot frequented by fishermen and has a wide range of facilities.

    Playa Calahonda
    Playa Calahonda
  8. El Salón: one of the most visited coves in Nerja, it still preserves remains of its past as a fishermen’s beach
  9. La Torrecilla: this is a beach with a large tourist influx which, in fact, has been distinguished with several awards attesting to its quality. It is very close to the restaurants.
  10. El Playazo: with its 2 km length, it is by far one of the longest beaches in Nerja, ideal for a relaxing stroll along the seashore.
  11. Playa de Maro: surrounded by the cliffs of the same name, its crystal clear waters provide a unique opportunity to observe the marine fauna. Not in vain, it was runner-up in the Best Spanish Beaches category

The indescribable pleasure of getting lost in the streets of Nerja.

Something as simple as strolling through this little corner of the Costa del Sol becomes an experience capable of intoxicating our senses. Imagine what it is like to wander through narrow streets flanked by whitewashed houses of radiant white. The murmur of the waves accompanies our steps while the breeze brings us a comforting smell of the sea that immediately whets our appetite.

The old town of Nerja stands out for its lively atmosphere and its unmistakable charm. Some of its most popular streets (such as Calle Ánimas, Calle San José and Calle Pintada) retain the old flavour of the fishing village of yesteryear. The small souvenir shops and numerous restaurants fill them with joy and hustle and bustle at any time of the day.

Calle San José Nerja
Calle San José Nerja

The Balcón de Europa is, without a doubt, one of the most representative places of this municipality in Malaga. This impressive viewpoint stands like a promontory between two of Nerja’s most important beaches. Not in vain, it is a promenade with a lot of tradition, as it dates back to the times of King Alfonso XII (late 19th century).

Culture: the most authentic Nerja.

  • Museum of Nerja: this is the perfect place to unravel the secrets of Nerja’s rich cultural heritage. In fact, its walls guard the entire history of this town: from the Palaeolithic to the middle of the last century. Moreover, it has been awarded with the Q-Quality prize.
  • Acueducto del Águila: this construction, dating from the mid-19th century, is the work of Francisco Cantarero and rises over the river Maro to supply water to the San Joaquín sugar factory.
  • Old religious buildings: such is the case of the churches of El Salvador and San Miguel, as well as the hermitage of Las Angustias. All of them were built in the 17th century and are excellent examples of Spanish Baroque architecture.
  • Ingenio de San Antonio Abad: this is one of the few sugar factories in Malaga still standing. It was built at the end of the 16th century and was operational until 1869. In fact, the production of cane sugar was the economic mainstay of this town for much of its history.
  • Sculptures: the Chanquete boat (in honour of the Blue Summer series) and the fountain of Europe (built with a stone from each of the European states) are worth mentioning. Meanwhile, next to the Balcón de Europa is a statue commemorating the discovery of the Nerja Caves (and believed to grant wishes).

Nature at its purest.

The Caves of Nerja are, by all accounts, a geological spectacle that is hard to forget. Not in vain, this underground rock formation of 35,484 m2 is more than 5 million years old and has the highest stalactites and stalagmites in the world. As if that were not enough, its walls are home to a number of cave paintings of immense historical value. Close to this tourist attraction is the luxurious El Puente del Águila development.

If you are one of those who love to relax in unspoilt landscapes away from the hustle and bustle of tourism, the numerous coves of Nerja (such as El Cañuelo or Torre Del Pino) are not to be missed. Embraced by high hills and surrounded by voluptuous vegetation, their pristine waters are the perfect setting to disconnect from everyday problems.

Acantilados Maro Cerro Gordo
Acantilados Maro Cerro Gordo

Less than 10 minutes from Nerja we have the Paraje Natural de los Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo. It is well worth a visit to enjoy its undeniable environmental wealth, as it is home to typical Andalusian vegetation in danger of extinction and peculiar geological formations. The same can be said of its rich marine fauna and beautiful coral reefs.

An ideal destination for the more sporty.

  • Hiking: some of the most important routes are: Fuente del Esparto, Navachica, Almendrón, Peñón de los Castillejos and Cuesta del Cielo through the Civila. Special mention should be made of the experience of walking along the course of the river Chíllar, where we can discover waterfalls and pools as we walk along narrow rocky paths.
  • Watersports: Nerja’s rich seabed provides the perfect setting for scuba diving and snorkelling. It is also possible to rent kayaks to enjoy the cliffs of Maro or jet skis to explore the coves of Nerja. La Torrecilla beach has the perfect conditions for surfing, kitesurfing, parasailing and paddle surfing.
  • To unleash your adrenaline: beyond beach sports, this town in Malaga is the ideal setting for extreme sports. Paragliding or bungee jumping in the Barranco de la Coladilla ravine (35m) promises to be an unforgettable experience, and how about exploring its most unexplored routes on board a quad bike?

Let’s go shopping!

Whether you prefer to shop in family-run shops, large shopping centres or street markets, Nerja’s shops have everything you need to be pleasantly surprised. So much so that we can’t think of a more comforting activity after a day at the beach than shopping in Nerja.

The old quarter is Nerja’s shopping area par excellence. Its streets are lined with establishments specialising in souvenirs, beach articles, organic gastronomy with designation of origin, fashion, etc.

As is usual in other villages in La Axarquía, the municipality of Nerjeño is the perfect place to buy typical Andalusian handicraft products. In fact, the experienced hands of its craftsmen are capable of converting materials such as cork or ceramics into authentic works of art.

  • A very special place among the traditional handicrafts of Nerja is occupied by those made with local wicker and esparto grass. Thus, on the beach of Burriana it is possible to buy espadrilles, baskets and various domestic utensils.
  • Leather and fur work is one of the best known specialities of the artisans of Nerja. In fact, one of the oldest leather goods workshops is located in Calle Pintada, where you can find handmade bags and briefcases.

Gastronomy in Nerja: everyone at the table!

Gastronomy in Nerja: everyone at the table!

Nerja is one of the best places in Spain to sample the authentic Mediterranean diet. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of its delicious dishes stand out for being healthy exponents of traditional Andalusian cuisine. It is also highly recommended to accompany these meals with the delicious wines of the Axarquia region of Malaga.

As is to be expected in a fishing village, fish is the main protagonist of Nerjeña’s gastronomy. Good examples of this are the pickled anchovies and sardine skewers, without forgetting the famous pescaíto frito and the cod omelettes with sugar cane honey.

Lovers of authentic home cooking must try the most typical dishes of this town in Malaga. Such is the case of: snails or kid Nerjeña style, cabbage, batallitas de miel de caña, fried pumpkin or ajoblanco with grapes.

The subtropical fruits that are grown in these lands also have a prominent place on the tables of Nerjeña, as can be seen in its famous avocado salad. Custard apples, mangos and papayas are the undisputed stars of the desserts.

As in other towns on the Costa del Sol, Nerja offers a extensive gastronomic offer. In fact, its numerous bars and restaurants allow you to taste dishes from all over the world, some of the most popular being: El Pulguilla, El Chiringuito de Ayo or La Marina.

Fun time.

The festival calendar of Nerja is full of festivities to make the most of this town in Malaga. Thus, its colourful carnivals, its sober Holy Week and the beautiful floral offerings that are made on the occasion of the May Crosses or the Virgen del Carmen stand out.

Semana Santa de Nerja
Semana Santa de Nerja

The Nerja Caves also have their own festival, which gives us the perfect excuse to attend all kinds of performances and artistic manifestations. The same is true of the patron saint fiestas in honour of San Miguel Arcángel and the Virgen de las Angustias.

The most popular areas in this town for having a coffee or a cocktail are those surrounding Burriana beach and the Balcón de Europa. You can also enjoy the cosy atmosphere of its many Irish pubs and, when night falls, there is no better place than Tutti Frutti square to go clubbing.

As you’d expect from a town on the Costa del Sol, the range of Norwegian bars and clubs is truly extensive. In fact, it is easy to find the venue with the décor and musical style that best suits your preferences.

Nerja with children.

Nerja is also an excellent destination for children. Not in vain, this town in the Axarquia region of Malaga has a large number of activities for children to enjoy themselves to the full:

  • Boating: there are many options for touring the bay of Malaga on a boat. In fact, there are several companies that offer excursions with all kinds of activities and durations.
  • Sports: action lovers will have a great time riding the donuts on Burriana beach or going down the Río Verde ravine. The more leisurely ones can’t miss out on the fun of paddling around the Mediterranean on a pedalo. Of course, it’s also a good idea to play paddle ball or volleyball on the seashore.
  • The most exciting holidays: the attractions of the Aquavelis water park or the mysterious treasure cave of Rincón de la Victoria are a must for children and not so children to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday.
  • The: the attractions of the Aquavelis water park or the mysterious treasure cave of Rincón de la Victoria are a must for children and not so children to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday.
  • Trenecito: this little train runs through the most important places in the municipality of Nerjeño and has an audio guide that reveals valuable information about them.
  • Trampolines: these are installed during the summer in the Plaza de los Cangrejos and are perfect for jumping while the grown-ups have an aperitif on one of the terraces.
  • Learn and have fun: the little ones will love the Refugio del Burrito or one of the interactive activities offered by the Science Park. And how about going on the Blue Summer guided tour with them?

Should you buy real estate in Nerja?

What you should know before buying property in this Malaga municipality.

In view of all that we have said, it is clear that Nerja is one of the best places on the Costa del Sol to buy real estate. Not in vain, the great tourist development of this Malaga municipality does nothing but expand and improve the possibilities for investment..

There is a great variety of properties perfect for all types of profiles and budgets. Thus, in this Malaga town it is possible to find everything from dream villas in exclusive urbanisations to centrally located flats, as well as comfortable rural houses or strategic parking spaces.

As for the locations, this corner of the Axarquia region of Malaga has locations capable of satisfying all kinds of needs. In fact, it has luxurious urbanisations (such as Capistrano Garden, Punta Lara and Sea Gardens), agricultural areas and a charming historic centre.

How to get it right with your property investment in Nerja?

There is certainly no shortage of reasons to buy property in Nerja. However, it is essential to choose a good real estate agency to make an investment capable of fully satisfying our interests.
When investing in this town in Malaga it is of vital importance to work with a real estate agency specializing in the area of Nerja and surroundings. In fact, this allows us to be advised by professionals who know perfectly each of its corners to find the properties that best suit our profile.
Another important point to bear in mind is the limitations to mobility derived from the pandemic. Consequently, the best real estate agencies to overcome such difficulties are those that provide a complete digitalised information of their properties (videos, high quality photographs, 360º vision, etc.).
In the real estate agency Plaza Estates we meet these requirements and, in addition, we offer you a complete catalogue with all types of properties located in the best areas of Nerja. Not surprisingly, we have a carefully selected staff in order to provide maximum satisfaction.

In conclusion, buying property in Nerja is one of the best decisions you can make. With Plaza Estates by your side you have it very easy to exploit all the possibilities of this Malaga town for your own benefit. Why not contact us today?